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Latino Bride and Groom

Introduced in 1993, later being re-packaged and re-introduced in prefect bond and five-color glossy format in 2005. It was the first publication geared specifically towards aiding the Latino bride and groom in the challenging task of preparing for their nuptials while adding a distinctive Latino flair that combines tradition and culture with innovation. Since its inception, the subscription base has increased by 60 percent and the distribution volume from 70,000 to 175,000 magazines per quarter. Through trendsetting features and insider tips, Latino Bride & Groom quarterly fills its pages with exclusive interviews and alluring content, captivating readers by providing them with ideas for every detail of their wedding day. From the perfect reception site to which irresistible gown the bride should wear for the big day, the magazine provides tips and advice for every step of the way. Latino Bride & Groom thoroughly explores all aspects of bridal fashion, bridal beauty, and wedding planning, as well as offering expert assistance to the grooms for their special day.


Latinobrideandgroom.com was launched in 2008 in order to fill a void in terms of content and information for the Latino bride and groom. It has become an essential resource for Latino couples due to its informative posts, interactive Editor's Blog, and features on a vast array of professional local vendors. It keeps visitors up to date with reports on the best bridal runway trends, helpful beauty and fitness guides, Latino celebrity wedding news, and even local bridal events.

My Quince Magazine
My Quince Magazine
celebrates the culture and traditions of the Latinos in the U.S. by providing an indispensable quinceañera guide to young birthday girls and their families

My Quince Magazine is packed with exclusive interviews and useful content, providing readers with every resource they could possibly need, featuring everything from the most dazzling dresses to important quince traditions. My Quince Magazine comprehensively examines quince fashion, quince beauty tips, and quince planning, offering expert advice in order to aid in creating a truly unforgettable day.



Myquincemagazine.com was launched in 2009 and has since become an indispensable accompaniment to the print publication with its insightful features, interactive Editor's Blog, and convenient references to professional local vendors. It keeps visitors up to date with reports on quince fashion with current trends, beauty and fitness guides, young Latino celebrity news, and local quince events.

Asian Bride
With a quarterly, circulation of 175,382 started in 2001 and is the premier Asian wedding magazine published for national and local markets. Although there are many wedding service providers, there is not an exceptionally great resource for the Asian bride of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Filipino, or Vietnamese descent. Asian Bride Magazine is the ultimate local resource for wedding ideas, services and products that will be beneficial to Asian brides and grooms. We strive to establish ourselves as one of the influential and prominent wedding magazines available on the market today. With our focus on the Asian-American community, Asian Bride Magazine is the foremost resource in providing accurate and insightful information regarding Asian traditions, customs, and current trends. Asian Bride Magazine is a fully comprehensive wedding guide and a primary resource for brides of all Asian backgrounds.

Latino Parenting
With a quarterly, circulation of 257,637, this is our flagship magazine that is geared towards Latino Parents in the United States. With the increasing number of Latino births (now approaching 1 in 4 people), the larger size of Latino families, and the predicted growth of this market, it's not surprising that publishers and advertisers are looking for better ways to reach the key decision makers – Latino parents. Latino Parenting aims to reach them with its format of a glossy bilingual magazine and its English and Spanish editorial. Latino Parenting targets the first, second and third generation of Latinos and has attracted such blue chip advertisers as Babies R Us, Gerber, Target and Wal-Mart, to name a few.

Latino Brown Pages
Latino Brown Pages helps over 400,000 companies reach millions of Latino customers, assisting both advertisers and local consumers connect with each other. By offering services such as online and print advertising opportunities, free marketing consultations, and the latest consumer research, Latino Brown Pages has helped many Latino families all over the nation in cities like Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Las Vegas, San Diego, and San Francisco. The top categories are attorneys, auto repair, cleaning services, counseling, dentists, doctors, hotels and lodging, insurance agents, plumbers, and restaurants.

With a quarterly, circulation of 237,500, this is Fiesta Publication’s Sports and Men’s magazine. The age demographic range is from 16- to 60-year-olds, and UPPERCUT Boxing Magazine has reached the men’s market since 2000 with a great quality of production, being one of Fiesta’s most successful publications. While Hispanic men's magazines are being increasingly published in only Spanish formats, UPPERCUT is published in both English and Spanish to capture the entire National and International market. To date, is has attracted major advertising from Gillette, Anheuser-Busch, Miller Lite, Pennzoil, Lucas Oil, Gentlemen Clubs, HBO, Showtime, Warner Cable and a plethora of products geared towards men.


Latino Enterprise
Pint and Online, at the newsstand, on TV, or at one of our events— The bible for Hispanic Business owners and Entrepreneurs’ our reader are looking for business and financial solutions for the businesses so LE is a bilingual resource for this audience. They find them in the stories of real people like them who are working to overcome the same challenges they face. LE’s mission is to help small business succeed in the Business world. Its primary focus is to help Latino with entrepreneurship, as it pertains to Career Growth, Personal Finance, and Real Life articles of Latino entrepreneurs success stories and support our mantra of helping Latino Business owners get the advantage, and edge to attain wealth.

That mission drives our industry experts to develop pertinent and original content that can be seen across all of our multimedia platforms. We ensure that our audience is fully immersed and has access to current and relevant information to enhance their lives. In addition, we offer our partners opportunities to leverage our expertise to develop custom program content, messaging, and deepen their level of engagement with our target audience. LE will to find the real experts, explore the issues completely and from the black perspective and present the best solutions.


Gentlemens Guide Los Angeles
The Gentlemen’s Guide (GG), Los Angeles’ amazing new print and online publication for men who are making things happen and want to devour all the excitement that the fast lane city of L.A. has to offer. GG was designed to be a companion for the regular dude and the upwardly mobile guy – every hard-working, hard-playing, dream-chasing man who is on the hunt for adventure, entertainment and opportunity. GG will cover everything in the men’s world: from cars and sports, to games and gadgets, to expert advice on dating, style, grooming and the best places to meet the hottest girls. Guy stuff that keeps gents informed, fashionable, tech savvy and on their toes when it comes to chasing and winning the women. Geared for the single or taken male, GG is their social GPS for the inside word on the coolest clothes, the hottest night spots, what to drive, where to shop, and how to connect with those breathtaking L.A. beauties.


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